Wine Ranges

Our wines are as diverse as the life that is cultivated on our lands. Every element has a story—from the smallest Merlot grape to our thriving wetlands.


Ivor Reserve Merlot 2014

$40.00 AUD



Ivor is the flagship of our range, the aspirational wine we have planned and dreamt to create since we first planted the Merlot vineyard in 1996.

It is named in honour of Julie’s grandfather, Ivor ‘Dah’ Williams, who lost a hand to a grenade while a member of the Home Guard in WWII.

Despite this significant setback, Ivor was undaunted. With intelligence and perseverance Ivor became a successful businessman, a tenacious farmer, a skilful marksman and loving patriarch to his family.


Single-Handed Rosé 2017

$26.00 AUD


Single-Handed Chardonnay 2017

$32.00 AUD


Single-Handed Merlot 2016

$32.00 AUD


From adversity, comes opportunity

Single-Handed honours the strength and perseverance shown by Julie’s grandfather Ivor Williams. Faced with the adversity of losing his hand, Ivor was not one to simply give up — he followed his vision and created a legacy for his family.

Single-Handed is also an acknowledgment of Ivor’s granddaughter Julie and husband Phil’s success. Through their tireless planting, field grafting and tending of the vineyard, they have created a foundation for a thriving vineyard with beautiful wines.


Frog Song Sauvignon Blanc 2018

$21.00 AUD


Frog Song Shiraz 2017

$21.00 AUD


Frog Song is our tribute to the many frogs that live here at Windfall Wine Estate. 

From our commitment to caring for the natural waterways, to following sustainable farming methods, we are determined to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

The estate is home to a large variety of frog species that live both in the vineyard and on the property, including the vocal bonking frogs, quacking frogs, motorbike frogs and slender tree frogs.

It brings us great joy to hear our chorus of amphibians and great pleasure knowing our efforts are positively impacting the environment.


Bonking Frog Sparkling Chenin Blanc 2016

$40.00 AUD

Bonking Frog

Bonking Frog is named after the particularly noisy fellows found on our property, also known as the Western Banjo Frog.

Clamouring for attention with their distinctive call, these frogs really know how to make themselves heard. Our aim is to follow their lead, and produce distinctive wines that stand out from the crowd.